Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Let me say we are overwhelmed by all the calls , messages and the tremendous amount of concern and support from all over the country. We are forever grateful for all the support!

I wanted to lay out our plan moving forward and how you and your family, friends and co-workers can help encourage others in these difficult times.

As my mentor and friend Tom Billings has stated we are working on 3 tracks to provide ministry to those most affected by the affects of hurricane Harvey.

1. Rescue – The protection of life. This is happening now your prayers are greatly appreciated.
2.Relief – Providing basic living necessities. This will be ongoing as people are displaced, cold and hungry.
3. Recovery – Helping people get back on their feet after the storms passes and the water recedes this will be a long term effort!

We have set up a fund to  help those most affected. Our first priority is to serve our local families and community.

At last count we know  of 29 families that have been flooded out of their homes and are either at a shelter or with family and friends.

Then finally we want to join with others in serving in the greater region as there is no one organization that can meet such a huge demand of resources both human and financial.

100% of funds given will go to help those displaced and in need. Give to Harvey Relief Help @

Additionally you can text give by texting HEC to 72356

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryant Lee

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